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With vast knowledge and extensive experience accumulated over four decades, OPHIR Laser Optics Group, an MKS (NASDAQ: MKSI) company, offers a full range of high quality OEM and replacement optics for high power 1μm and CO2 laser applications.
Used by leading laser manufacturers around the world, our products meet the highest industry standards and have been widely tested, with outstanding results.
All manufacturing is done in-house using automated CNC, patented diamond turning tech., cutting-edge coating processes and measuring equipment.
With a global distribution and support network, our commitment to our customers is unparalleled.

Optics for high power fiber laser (1µm) applications:
We manufacture high quality optical elements, lenses & protective windows, for high power lasers in the 1µm wavelength range. Made from high quality, UV-grade fused silica raw material. The latest polishing technology is used to achieve surfaces with best possible tolerances for power, irregularity and scratch-dig. Coatings are optimized for low absorption, in order to minimize heating and related thermal effects during high-power laser irradiation.

Optics for CO2 high power laser applications:
We offer wide portfolio of optics for the CO2 high power laser applications: ZnSe lenses & high reflection mirrors. Our lenses are made of high quality ZnSe substrate, with low absorption rates (0.13% to 0.2%) & high damage threshold. Ideal for cutting, welding, drilling, 3D printing.

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