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Xi'an Leading Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

Xi'an Leading Optoelectronic Technology Co.,Ltd is specialized in infrared and laser photoelectric system products and their module、 components and elements, which is a high-tech enterprises that set“ professional sale agent、 research and development production、 system integration and sales promotion”
we developed a variety of domestic first-class and the world's leading products such as the test and measurement devices for optical-guided weapons、short-wave Infrared systems for laser warfare and scientific CCD/EMCCD/CMOS/ICMOS Camera etc.
During the R&D products, we have also committed to introduce the foreign advanced products and technology into China, do our meager strength for the country's national defense and the development of science and technology. Over the years continuous effort and development Xi’an Leading Optoelectronic Company set cohesive cooperation relations with more than 20 of the world brand enterprises which supply the photoelectric detectors, cameras, infrared thermal imager, low-light night vision device, laser, intensify tube, slip ring, testing instruments and so on, and over twenty kinds of agent products.
top ten military industrial groups and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, well-known universities, railways and industrial and agricultural fields etc.

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