Optical Film Technology Co., Ltd.

Optical Film Technology Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

Optical Film Technology Co.,Ltd(OFT)is located in Wuxi Tusincere New Technology City around Taihu Lake. OFT specializes in R&D and fabrication of various high performance optical filters and metallized coating, and is dedicated to satisfy the demand of scientific research, high-level intelligent equipment, advanced industrial processing, consumer electronics and other fields requirement. OFT is a leading supplier of optical and semiconductor basic components.
OFT has many sets of high-level optical and metallized film vacuum deposition system, advanced ultrasonic cleaning platform, sophisticated pattern technology platform and other supporting facilities, and is able to develop and fabricate optoelectronic components. OFT has passed ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification and possesses a complete quality management control system
OFT has a highly experienced and innovative technology and management team to achieve R&D and mass manufacture. OFT can provide a variety of high performance optical window(visible to ~14um wavelength), optical filters, high energy laser film, sophisticated metalized ceramic substrate (especially gold-tin solder coating), optoelectronic components according to customer requirements.

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