microEnable 5 marathon VCLx

Category:Machine Vision > Board
Application field:Engineering machinery、Electrical engineering/Electronics/Semiconductors、Automotive engineering、Aviation/Aerospace、Chemical/Pharmaceutical industry、Medicine/Biotechnology、Environmental monitoring、Printing/Graphics、Data processing/Telecommunications、Security and defense、Traffic and transport、Services

Frame Grabber Profile

Due to its simple architecture, this is a robust and well established standard frame grabber for all industrial requirements and applications. With the large selection of cameras, there is always an adequate solution – especially for line scan cameras. An economical solution for higher bandwidth requirements, too. The cable length has been considerably enhanced using advanced electronics.

Technical Characteristics

ŠŠConnection with up to two cameras

ŠŠCompatible with all CL standardized cameras

ŠŠCompatible with “CNN Ready”

ŠŠSupports high-speed cameras

ŠŠAll formats of the Camera Link standard are supported

ŠŠSimple device control via the front trigger

ŠŠSecure control by the optional opto-decoupled trigger


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