Lightbridge2 VCL

Category:Machine Vision > Board
Application field:Engineering machinery、Electrical engineering/Electronics/Semiconductors、Automotive engineering、Aviation/Aerospace、Chemical/Pharmaceutical industry、Medicine/Biotechnology、Environmental monitoring、Printing/Graphics、Data processing/Telecommunications、Security and defense、Traffic and transport、Services

LightBridge 2 is a new product concept – an external image acquisition and image processing component that allows real-time mobile processing.

This silent, fanless technology is housed in a 12x13 cm box. Allows cable length up to 60m by using rubst optical Thunderbolt™ 2 cables, LightBridge 2 can be connected to a host PC as a stand-alone image processing system.

ŠŠ2* SDR26 for PoCL Base, DualBase, Medium, Full, Deca Full

ŠŠ2* Thunderbolt™ 2 technology 20Gb/s, fiber optical or electrical

ŠŠPCIe technology, high data bandwidth of 1360 MB/s

ŠŠConnect up to 6 LightBridge 2 by Daisy Chain

ŠŠ1* HDSub15 with 8 ingoing and 6 outgoing pins

Trigger interfaces:

1x 15-pin D-Sub socket (trigger unit “Front GPIO” on the front side)

1x 10-pin socket (trigger unit “GPIO” on the rear side)

2x Software triggers (A and B)

ŠŠ1* power connection for 7-24V

ŠŠSilicon Software Drivers and SDK Software

ŠŠImage pre-processing (Acquisition Applets)

ŠŠDimensions: 120*130*54,4mm

ŠŠIP40 protection class

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