World’s No. 1 Linearity Laser Displacement Sensor CDX series

Category:Sensors, test and measurement > Optical sensors
Application field:、Electrical engineering/Electronics/Semiconductors、Chemical/Pharmaceutical industry

CDX series was successfully listed in March this year。

In order to achieve the World’s No. 1 Linearity, ATMOS image sensors were newly developed with a light receiving element featuring a CDX specialized design.By applying the latest technology, accuracy has been increased by 2.7 times that of the conventional model.

①Because an Ethernet serial interface is built-in to the sensor head,connection to a network is possible without use of a controller and without use of a Special software.

②The products mainly focus on the surface / thickness measurement of transparent body, which is the most suitable for the measurement of glass and chips and other transparent bodies and mirrors.The thickness of the glass can be measured by Min. 0.06mm.

③It is widely used in the field of industry led by FPD, semiconductor and electronic components.


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