2025 marks the 20th anniversary of LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA which will be grandly held on March 11-13 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre. 

We sincerely hope to look back at the past and look to the future with domestic and overseas peers of laser and optics industry.

- After twenty years of hard work, we will write a new chapter in the global optoelectronic industry

- After twenty years of continuous innovation, we will empower the upgrading of traditional industries

- After twenty years of international development, we will promote local enterprises to the global stage

- After twenty years of exploration, we will create a new glory for the optoelectronic industry


For the first time, this event will cover an exhibition area of more than 100,000 square meters and the number of the exhibitor will reach a record high. It'll be an unprecedented scale that shows the brilliant achievements and infinite potential of laser, optics and optoelectronic industries.


The layout of the exhibition center

Fine layout of six exhibition areas to create a one-stop comprehensive display platform


- Laser and Laser Systems for Production Engineering

The era of "laser + intelligent manufacturing" has arrived, and laser technology is helping various industries achieve high-quality development with unprecedented strength. In the context of vigorously developing scientific and technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment is increasingly mature, creating a broad arena for the application of laser technology. Laser technology, as an efficient, environmentally friendly and accurate manufacturing tool, has achieved remarkable results and breakthroughs in many professional fields, showing its unparalleled advantages and potential.

Scope of exhibited items:

  • Laser equipment and supporting
  • Intelligent equipment
  • 3D Printing


- Laser and Optoelectronics

As a strategic, fundamental and pioneering high technology in the 21st century, optoelectronic technology has penetrated into many emerging industries such as artificial intelligence, 5G, quantum information, biological photons and laser weapons. In these fields, the development of optoelectronic devices is particularly critical. The capability of core components determines the future of laser equipment, especially the performance of lasers, which has a direct impact on the quality and power of the output beams of laser equipment, thus becoming the core element to drive the continuous progress of laser technology.

Scope of exhibited items:

  • Lasers materials
  • Lasers components
  • Lasers modules
  • Lasers
  • Safety/Protection against laser radiation


- Optics

Optics and optical modules are the basis of all optical technologies and applications. With the continuous emergence of new materials and processes, the performance of optical modules will constantly improve, and the integration and reliability of optical systems will also be further improved. Looking into the future, optics will continue to play an important role in boosting the innovation and application of optical technology and bringing more convenience and progress to human society.

Scope of exhibited items:

  • Optical materials
  • Optical components
  • Optical modules
  • Optical platform
  • Motion control


- Manufacturing Technology for Optics

The excellent performance of optical components cannot be realized without the all-round support from optical manufacturing technology. From fine optical design, exquisite processing technology to strict testing standards, the field of optical manufacturing is boosting at an unprecedented rate. This not only actively promotes technological innovation, but also leads the optical industry to move towards a higher level, further fields, finer operations and more accurate technologies, fully demonstrating its great potential and value.

Scope of exhibited items:

  • Optical manufacturing and processing equipment
  • Processing techniques for optical production
  • Decontamination systems and tools
  • Manufacturing materials for optical systems


- Infrared Technology and Application

Infrared technology has been widely used in weapons and equipment, which is an indispensable part of modern high-tech conventional weapons. With the continuous expansion of the potential demand market of global infrared industry, the civil market has also ushered in a rapid growth period of market demand in electric power, construction, law enforcement, fire protection, vehicle-mounted and other industries.

Scope of exhibited items:

  • IR materials
  • IR components
  • IR equipment and imaging


- Optical Metrology and Quality Assurance

Inspection and quality control are the keys to ensuring product quality, accuracy and performance. In recent years, the great breakthroughs made by China's chip manufacturing industry are inseparable from advanced optical detection technology and its deep application in manufacturing. With the rapid development of the industry, many professional optical instrument exhibitors have been also actively engaged in the testing field to provide more accurate and efficient testing solutions for the industry. In the meantime, the testing and quality control in the field of industrial manufacturing is facing increasingly strict regulations. As an indispensable step in the production process, it is becoming more and more essential in many fields such as automobile industry, aerospace, biomedical technology and consumer electronics.

Scope of exhibited items:

  • Optical metrology
  • Imaging
  • Quality assurance


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