Analog Modules, Inc.

Analog Modules, Inc.

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Founded in 1979, Analog Modules, Inc. designs and manufactures a wide range of analog electronic products primarily for the laser and electro-optics industries. These products serve applications in medical, scientific, and industrial markets.

Laser electronic products manufactured by AMI include capacitor charging power supplies, simmer supplies, Pockels cell drivers, pulsed flashlamp drivers, and mid to high power laser diode drivers. These products are available in a variety of packages, from OEM modules to stand-alone, turn-key systems. Many of these products are certified to the European Medical Standard EN60601-1 as well as UL2601-1.

AMI also offers a complete line of sensors and amplifiers, including linear and logarithmic amplifiers, pulse stretchers, fiber optic links and photodetector-amplifier modules.

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