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Meishan Boya Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd. is located in the High-tech Industrial Park of Meishan City, Sichuan Province, which covers an area of 27000m2, and has two subsidiaries in Chengdu and Ya'an.
Boya Advanced Materials has ensured the consistency and reliability of crystal growth quality and improved the performance of crystals by improving the formula, adjusting the temperature field, and independently developing crystal growth equipment. At present, the scintillation crystals and laser crystals grown and processed by Boya Advanced Materials, such as L(Y)SO, GAGG, Nd:YAG, Yb:YAG and YAG single crystal fiber have been widely used in medical treatment, security inspection, detection, industry, beauty, military, scientific research and other fields.
Boya Advanced Materials has professional and technical personal and high-end processing equipment, which can carry out the plane, spherical, aspherical and special-shaped parts of IR Materials, visible light materials, UV materials, optical glass, spherical ceramics, crystal materials and semiconductor materials.
Meishan Boya Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd. is committed to providing one-stop service for high-performance scintillation crystals, high efficiency laser materials and high-precision optical components.

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