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Xi'an SNP Precision Optics Co. , Ltd

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Xi'an SNP Precision Optics Co., Ltd. located in Shaanxi Xi'an High-Technological Development Zone;The accumulated registered capital of the company is RMB:30 million Yuan.
It is a high -techenterprise with national and provincial double attestation. Which mainly manufacturers ultra-precision optical components.
With GJB9001C-2017 Weapon equipment quality management system certification, Also had obtained a number of patents and software copyright.
Our company's production scale and production capactity is in the forefront in ultra-precision optical processing . Company well-equipped and have perfect ,advanced processing and testing equipment: with theadvanced equipment and testing machines of America、Japan 、Germany、Switzerland.
The company's leading products :Super smooth series opticalcomponents, High precision angle 、high power optical component , Heteromorphic opticalcomponents and Various lens 、Windows、and Prism........
Mainly Application areas: High precision laser gyro 、High power laser、Biomedical 、Optical image、Micro light 、 Infrared and other fields.

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