This chapter will guide you through the key aspects of the upgraded LASER World of PHOTONICS SOUTH CHINA. It will also support businesses to position themselves to "head to Shanghai in spring and South China in autumn" for a comprehensive market layout.


Key Industry Sectors of LASER World of PHOTONICS SOUTH CHINA

Unlike LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA, LASER World of PHOTONICS SOUTH CHINA highlights semiconductors, consumer electronics, medical treatment/biotechnology, new energy/lithium batteries, integrated circuits, metal/sheet metal, and mold/tool manufacturing in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area ("Greater Bay Area" for short). It acts as a one-stop procurement and exchange platform for the optoelectronic industry, providing such services as precision optics and detection, advanced laser materials, light sources and advanced laser devices, laser intelligent manufacturing, laser processing control and supporting systems, and laser processing.


Basic characteristics of visitors at the LASER World of PHOTONICS SOUTH CHINA

Shenzhen is a youthful and dynamic city, with an average population age of 32.5 years. Innovation is at the core of Shenzhen. This city is China's first national independent innovation demonstration zone structured around the city as its core element. By 2035, Shenzhen aims to establish itself as a global hub of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity. The visitors at the LASER World of PHOTONICS SOUTH CHINA share a common trait of innovative awareness and a strong sensitivity to cutting-edge technology.


Interaction with the "20+8" industry clusters

Fostering new growth engines and expanding into new sectors, industrial manufacturing acts as the bedrock for economic advancement. At present, Shenzhen is embracing development opportunities from the Greater Bay Area and the Pilot Demonstration Zone for Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. Propelled by the "two zones", Shenzhen and the broader Greater Bay Area are embarking on a new phase of high-quality development.

Shenzhen has established "20+8" industry clusters, comprising 20 strategic emerging industry clusters centered around advanced manufacturing and 8 future industries. This strategy covers all aspects of people's necessities of life and also advantageous industries in Shenzhen. The laser industry should collaborate with the "20+8" industry clusters, enhancing products and industries based on past achievements, to achieve integrated development with sectors like new-generation information technology, biotechnology, new energy, new materials, high-end equipment, new energy vehicles, green environmental protection, aerospace, marine equipment, and other strategic emerging industries.

Laser technology stands as a strategic emerging industry, embodying new high-quality productivity with significant scientific and technological content, immense market potential, robust driving capabilities, and comprehensive benefits. It empowers equipment, production lines, and smart factories in various application fields with enhanced intelligence. New production methods will usher in new industries and business models, providing fresh momentum for economic development.


Upgrading of Exhibition Areas

Precision Optics and Detection

Optical materials, Components, Lens assembly, Complete machine instrument, Optical processing equipment, Optical coating, Lens and camera shooting, Security and monitoring, Infrared technology;

Industrial Supporting and Control Systems

Laser protection equipment, Laser cooling equipment, Laser cleaning equipment, Intelligent control system, Automated management;

Laser Intelligent Manufacturing

Laser cutting, Laser welding, Laser drilling, Laser marking, Laser engraving, Laser scribing, Laser etching, Laser cladding, Laser quenching, Laser cleaning, Laser grooving, Laser medicine, Laser display;

Advanced Light Sources and Laser Devices

Lasers, Laser system elements, Laser components, Opto-mechanical modules, Chips, Diodes, Photoelectric elements, Optical systems, Optical force, Laser and optical software;


2023 Exhibitors

Hot Exhibition Area

Laser + Exhibition Area

As an important sector for China's economic development, laser technology is developing and innovating. To showcase the latest achievements and applications of laser technology in South China, we have specially organized an exhibition area with the theme of "inspiring breakthroughs and activating innovative applications".

This exhibition area will provide industry application solutions, such as power batteries, LiDAR, infrared technology, optical chips, medical, etc. Furthermore, we will invite a selection of experts and enterprise representatives specialized in laser technology to discuss the future development trend of laser technology and opportunities for cross-industry integration. Here, you will witness the application and innovation of laser technology across various industries and be inspired by the endless possibilities brought by laser technology.


Career Assistance

The "Job Day" offers a platform for professionals, exhibitors, and students to learn about employment opportunities in the optoelectronic industry. This activity also provides job seekers with comprehensive information in their professional fields and creates unique opportunities for direct engagement with prospective employers.

Job seekers can participate in a variety of forum activities to gain insights into the employment prospects of the optoelectronic industry. This activity will also share information on job hunting skills, employment opportunities, and job vacancies of various enterprises. Additionally, the LASER World of PHOTONICS SOUTH CHINA will also provide exhibitors with opportunities to post job vacancies on the official website and WeChat platform, assisting them in attracting potential job seekers.


Concurrent Activities

The South China International Photonics Intelligent Manufacturing and Application Technology Conference will be held concurrently with the exhibition. The conference will cordially invite scholars, technical experts, and key representatives from universities, research institutes, and enterprises specializing in the fields of laser, optoelectronics, and high-end equipment to analyze core technologies, interpret optoelectronic technology and intelligent manufacturing technology, and discuss new trends in global laser and intelligent equipment development based on the latest research findings and successful application cases.

  • Laser Technologies Innovations Continue to Enable Intelligent Manufacturing - LaserFocusCon
  • Power Battery Laser and Quality Control Summit 2024
  • Training on Laser Welding, Process FMEA, and Control Plan for Passenger Vehicle Power Battery & Module Based on CQI-15


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At LASER World of PHOTONICS SOUTH CHINA, participants will discover an array of solutions that are more accessible and tailored to the local market. They will have the opportunity to listen to the firsthand sharing from industry users and service providers at the frontline of their fields. Additionally, they can explore new productivity upgrades brought about by intelligent and digital manufacturing technologies. Furthermore, they will discuss ways to broaden laser + applications and strategies to foster a healthy and sustainable ecosystem.

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