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Shanghai BOCHU Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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SHANGHAI FRIENDESS ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO., engaged in laser cutting control system research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises and the key software enterprise, the integrity of the global leading technology system, totaling nearly 600 laser processing equipment manufacturers to provide complete system solutions, laser cutting control market occupy the leading position in China, It has been evaluated as "Shanghai small Giant Enterprise", "Shanghai specialized and special New enterprise", "Shanghai core Technology TOP100" and many other honors. Listed on the Shanghai kechuang board success in 2019, for the first kechuang in minhang district board listed companies, listed companies after opens up a new channel, the layout of industrial integration of the Internet, ultra-high precision control, intelligent welding robot, and other fields, help to promote the development of China's industrial automation, is committed to be a great industrial automation company, It aims to bring smart factories into thousands of enterprises.

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