Rayscience Optoelectronic Innovation

Rayscience Optoelectronic Innovation

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Established in 2004, Rayscience is founded by a group of partners who have complete interest in laser, photonics, fiber communication, mechanics and material science. Rayscience is commitment to introducing more latest technology information and precise scientific instruments and accessories into Chinese university , institute and R&D lab at a shorter delivery time, fast response time, simpler communication and reasonable price. Rayscience products covers lasers, photonics, optical communications, optics, and etc and can be widely used in research, education, product development and volume production. Rayscience current suppliers are mainly from Germany:Holoeye Photonics, Edgewave, BATOP, ALPHALAS, Qioptiqs (Linos),Onefive, USA:Qioptiq,Terahertz Technologies Inc(TTI), Energetiq, Qphotonics, Electrophysics, Solar Light, Optiphase, Spectral Products, Swamp Optics LLS,Terasense,Canada:OZ Optics,MPB Technologies, Russia:Superlum,Tydex,Avesta and Vigo,KEOPSYS, Phasics,Nethis, Sofradir, Denselight and etc.

Except for the distributing business, we have a professional team to develop the LMA Fiber Combiner Tapering station/PM coupler and Speciality fiber Tapering station , which serves fiber sensor, fiber laser and bio-medical measurement development. These machine are acceptable at the state-level labs at home and abroad. Moreover we like to emphasis on our design on speciality fiber processing equipment .

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