Sunny Optical Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.

Sunny Optical Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

Sunny Optical Technology Co., Ltd. focusing on the optoelectronics industry is mainly engaged in development manufacturing and sales promotion of three main products including optical component, optoelectronic product and instrument It is also the first Chinese optical enterprise listed on Hongkong Stock Exchange Main Board.
By adhering to the strategy of "Mingpeijiao"(名配角),Sunny is aiming to become the world’s most prestigious optoelectroinc enterprise, to achieve the transformation from an optical products manufacturer to a smart optical system solution provider, and from an instrument manufacturer to a system solution integrator, to change the working and life style, working more efficiently and living better life.
Optical product :glass lens, glass/plastic aspheric lens, piano mirror, blue glass IRCF, prism, infrared lens, cellphone camera lens, digital camera lens, projection lens, scanning lens,
3D Interactive lens, automotive lens and industrial lens, etc.
Optoelectronic product: cell phone camera module, security camera module, array module, optical touch panel module, barcode recognition module, HD digital engine, 360°view module, 3D modeling module, somatosensory interaction, industrial endoscope, video conference system,360oview camera, multi-functional IOT all-in-one camera, Wi-Fi endoscope, wireless camera unit, gesture recognition, etc.
Optical instrument: microscope,laboratory instrument, etc.

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