LUSTER LightTech Group

LUSTER LightTech Group

China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) | 3D10

Sensors, test and measurement | Infrared Technology and Application Area | Machine Vision

Aviation/Aerospace | Chemical/Pharmaceutical industry | Colleages/Universities | Electrical engineering/Electronics/Semiconductors | Medicine/Biotechnology | Optics | Printing/Graphics | Traffic and transport

Company Profile

LUSTER is rooted in the direction of optical optics, vision and image large photoelectron technology, serving the customers of the industry for the purpose of more than 50 well-known international optoelectronics companies in mainland China and Hong Kong to do market development, product promotion and application of technology service. Adhere to the promotion of customer industry as its mission, the collective hard work, intake of understanding customer needs, continuing to provide customers with innovative value solutions, has been in the industry-leading position. We are committed to improving the quality of human life from the five dimensions of "safety, health, convenience, rich resources and spiritual satisfaction". Focusing on customer needs research and focusing on technological innovation and product innovation, we focus on machine vision, scientific images, traffic images, 3D Vision \ Life Science in five major areas, and the international nearly 40 top international visual components companies to establish long-term strategic partnership, a wealth of global cooperation in resources and independent research and development technology, providing from the chip, light, lens, camera, capture card , Software and other high-quality imaging vision devices, providing industry-leading vision system solutions, with professional integration services, many of the leading services industry, continuing to create value for customers!

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