PerkinElmer Management(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

PerkinElmer Management(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

United States

Sensors, test and measurement | Optical measurement systems

Automotive engineering | Aviation/Aerospace | Chemical/Pharmaceutical industry | Colleages/Universities | Data processing/Telecommunications | Electrical engineering/Electronics/Semiconductors | Environmental monitoring

Company Profile

PerkinElmer was founded in 1937, headquartered in Massachusetts USA. With nearly 80 years of reform and development, PerkinElmer has become a world-renowned supplier of state-of-the-art analytical instruments and solutions, dedicated to improving human and environmental health. PerkinElmer’s products range from:
PerkinElmer DAS Division mainly focuses on business areas such as environmental health, food safety, life sciences, laboratory services and integrated informatization solutions of big data.
In the area of environmental health, it provides professional knowledge and comprehensive services ranging from radioactive and organic pollution monitoring to trace toxic metal and chemical testing. In the field of food safety, it provides fast and accurate detection solutions as well as comprehensive services.
In the field of life sciences, it provides complete reagents and detection technology solutions, including biology imaging systems, in vitro detection programs, quantitative pathology research platforms and informatics applications.
In the field of laboratory services, the PerkinElmer OneSource team has a professional project manager and certified service engineer who specialize in the maintenance, maintenance, calibration, validation, Lab IT and maintenance of multi-brand instruments for all types of laboratories around the world、various industries、different labs as well as Laboratory relocation of the one-stop service solution.

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