Precitec Laser Technologies (Shanghai) Co,.Ltd.

Precitec Laser Technologies (Shanghai) Co,.Ltd.

Germany | W4.4113

Sensors, test and measurement

Automotive engineering | Aviation/Aerospace | Job shop | Medicine/Biotechnology | Optics | Photovoltaics | Tool making | Traffic and transport | Engineering machinery

Company Profile

Precitec CHRocodile sensors and sensor systems of Precitec Optronik are technology and quality leaders on distance and layer gauge measurement. The stand for robustness, dynamics and the highest precision. Preferred area of application: the nanometer to centimeter range. We measure with extreme precision. And that even "Inline" during the production process. That in turn means: Our measurements are not only absolutely exact, but also extremely fast. This way you are able to detect deviations as soon as they occur.

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