PHOTONICS CONGRESS CHINA will be held parallel to LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA 2024. PHOTONICS CONGRESS CHINA is a unique event that covers many photonics sectors, including computational optical imaging technology, optical metasurface technology, semiconductor optics technology, laser technology, advanced lasers, infrared technology, optical testing, etc., focusing on application scenarios such as semiconductor, new energy, automotive engineering, human intelligence, biomedicine, and AR/VR. The combination of scientific, research and industrial applications underscores its unsurpassed practical value.

  • PHOTONICS CONGRESS CHINA Keynote Speech & Opening Ceremony

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  • Computational Optical Imaging Technology Forum

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  • Optical Metasurface Technology Forum

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  • Semiconductor Optics Technology Forum

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  • Optical Measurement Forum for Micro-Nano Structure

    With continuous development of science and technology, micro-nano technology has become a hot field in the modern industry and one of the indicators to measure the country's cutting-edge scientific and technological level. Detection technology and micro-nano processing technology complement are both important guarantees for processing accuracy. In the era of intelligent manufacturing, optical detection has great development potential and application prospects.

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  • Infrared Detection Technology Frontier Forum

    As the potential demand market for the global infrared industry continues to grow, the civilian market will usher in a period of rapid growth in market demand in industries such as power, construction, law enforcement, fire protection, and vehicles. Especially during the epidemic era, the integration of infrared detection systems once became a focus. The development of emerging markets will also become an important driving force for the growth of my country's infrared market. At the same time, infrared technology has been widely used in weapons and equipment and is an indispensable part of modern high-tech conventional weapons and equipment.

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  • High Performance High Power Fiber Laser Technology Forum

    Compared with traditional solid-state lasers, fiber lasers have many advantages, such as high efficiency, high stability, high beam quality, better stability and reliability, etc. The output power of this laser can reach the kilowatt level or even higher, enabling efficient and high-precision processing and manufacturing. This technology has a complete industrial chain covers materials, components, lasers, and laser systems. It is widely used in industry, medical care, scientific research, military and national defense and other fields, providing strong support for the rapid development of advanced manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing, energy, automobiles and other fields.

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  • LIDAR Technology and Application Frontier Forum

    The application of LIDAR technology covers many fields, such as military, environmental science, aerospace, archaeological research, architectural measurement, robots and so on. At present, it is facing the great opportunity of autonomous driving. The LIDAR industry worldwide has been pursued by the capital, which not only attracts enough eyeballs, but also attracts large amounts of funds. The core components of LIDAR system include photodetector, laser, collimating lens, scanning mirror, digital-to-analog converter, etc.

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  • Laser Technologies Innovations Continue to Enable Intelligent Manufacturing

    As manufacturing industry developing towards higher end, precision, automation, and intelligence , laser technology has become an indispensable key tool in the manufacturing field. Cutting, welding, marking, drilling, structuring and so on, laser is playing many different roles in production and manufacturing. With the continuous improvement of application requirements, the core parameters of laser such as optical power, beam quality, pulse energy, and available wavelength are constantly achieving new breakthroughs, thus opening up more application possibilities for the manufacturing industry.

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  • Laser Technologies Promote New Opportunities for the Development of Pan-Semiconductor Industry

    The Pan-semiconductor industry includes semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing, new energy photovoltaic manufacturing, advanced display manufacturing, LED and other industries. With China government pay increasing attention to the semiconductor, new energy, new displays and other industries’ development, the Pan-semiconductor industry has a strong development foundation and market potential in the Chinese market. Laser, as an advanced precision machining tool, plays an indispensable and crucial role in the development of numerous process links in the Pan-semiconductor industry.

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  • New Energy Vehicle Laser and Quality Control Summit 2024

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  • Workshop on Advanced Optical System & Instrument Designing

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